Tasha, August 24, 2015
Tasha, August 24, 2015

Last night, at the Emergency Vet, we found out that our dear girl, Tasha, the German Shepherd, has terminal cancer.

She’s just five years old and she’s the sweetest, smartest dog I’ve ever known.

I’m gutted, just gutted. But now it’s time to make her days left here good ones.

Hemangiosarcoma in the abdomen, metastasized into the lungs and bladder. She’s past the point where surgery or chemo would do any good.

It’s palliative care for as many good days as she has left.

She’s got this nasty stuff:

“Hemangiosarcomas are highly malignant in nature. Visceral organs (internal organ of an animal in particular like the internal organ of a thorax or abdomen) like the spleen, right atrial appendage (small conical muscular pouch attached to the right atrium of the heart), liver, skin, pericardium, lung, kidneys, oral cavity, muscle, bone, oral cavity, genitourinary tract (organ system of the reproductive organs and urinary system), peritoneum and retro peritoneum (space in the abdominal cavity behind the peritoneum) are the common sites from hemangiosarcomas originate. Cutaneous hemangiosarcoma occurs in poorly pigmented, light-haired dogs on the ventral abdomen and preputial (exocrine glands located in front of the genitals of mammals) region of dogs. Wide surgical excision is the treatment of choice for dogs with hemangiosarcoma.

At the initial stage dogs with cutaneous or dermal hemangiosarcoma that underwent complete surgical extirpation showed a survival rate of 78% and a median survival time of 780 days. Metastasis was reported in distant dermal sites but in dogs with a median survival time of 780 days. But dogs suffering from stage II cutaneous hemangiosarcoma, have a metastatic rate of 60% and a median survival time of 172 to 307 days.”

Five years ago, this same last Sunday of August, my big grey cat Bob went to the same ER vet for first of his last visits there and he died in October of that year.

I really hate the last Sunday of August.


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