What The Hell Am I Shooting Here? [MEATSPACE EDITION]

If you’re in Lincoln, NE this Thursday, stop by Art & Soul and see some of my photos up on a wall:

For the month of April, The Gallery at Art & Soul brings you What the Hell am I Shooting Here? Selected photographs by Maggie Osterberg. Osterberg’s portfolio is rich with a variety of beautiful photographs. Her photographic views reveal an honest sensitivity to her subject matter. She achieves balance and harmony in her compositions by masterfully unifying content within context. Compositionally, Osterberg skillfully articulates her vision, which is evident among the litany of photographs that can be found on her blog, “What the Hell am I Shooting Here?” (MediaWench.Wordpress.com) where her work was discovered. The realm of digital photography is well suited for Osterberg as she possesses a natural affinity to the technical mechanics of modern photographic equipment. This allows her to achieve the clarity, soft tonal variations, bold shapes, and recognizable color relationships that are embedded in her photographic repertoire. The content in her photographs range from quiet and sometimes candid views of ordinary people in common environments, to images of landmarks, landscapes, and architecture. The characteristic elements that epitomize Osterberg’s work are the complex use of harmony and dissonance associating both visible and suggested line and pattern variations, and her brilliant awareness of color and spatial relationships. Each photo leads the viewer further inside its visual landscape as the composition slowly reveals its inner workings and orchestration, creating an entertaining and thought provoking experience for every viewer.

Enjoy live music by Largot Lohrlandson, and food and drink specials all night.


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