Slipping Into The Future

I’ve written about photography being a kind of extremely low-res time machine before, about how it captures a tiny slice of a moment and how your brain extrapolates the rest from your memories or imagination, taking you back to the time the photo was taken or that you imagine it was taken.

But it doesn’t always have to be a photo from long ago to make you do a bit of personal time traveling. Take this photo of my niece and her friends on their prom night. When I look at it, sure, I see three awesome young women having a good time on the night of their Junior Prom, but I also see a tiny baby, waaaay back in 1996, being held in her mother’s arms and I swear, I can smell that wonderful baby smell coming off the wispy hairs on that brand-new human’s head.

And it’s been almost seventeen years since I smelled it.

Time machines, wow, we’ve got a pretty serious one right between our ears.


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