Making Coffee, December 23, 2012

Gera Ethiopian Coffee, December 23, 2012Pouring Out the Old Coffee, December 23, 2012Amelia Pond, December 23, 2012Mikey Cracks Himself Up, December 23, 102Filling the Burr Grinder, December 2012Filling the Carafe, December 2012
Loving Rub, December 23, 2012Filling the Coffee Maker, December 2012Birdhouse, December 23, 2012Grinding the Coffee, December 23, 2012Mare Blanche Hatian Coffee, December 23, 2012Waiting For The Brew to Finish, December 23, 2012

Michael makes some Mare Blanche Hatian coffee for breakfast with the KRUPS burr grinder and drip coffeemaker.

It’s delicious!

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