Hey, I’m Back In Show Business!

Shooting production photos for an original musical being produced here in Lincoln.

Lennie (Stuart Richey) and Brie (Becky Boesen), From "Rehab: a musical journey", Spetember 6-9, 2012 at the Lied Center’s Johnny Carson Theater. rehabamusicaljourney.com


8 thoughts on “Hey, I’m Back In Show Business!

      • thanks so much for responding
        I was a close friend of a John Grassi many years ago as a boy and been trying to locate him forever
        do you know where john grew up?might not be the same person

      • I don’t know where John grew up, sorry. I remember him talking about being in the U.S. Navy when he was younger, but not much else about his youth.

      • thanks, you’re nice to take the time
        incidentally, i enjoy your photography
        did he ever talk about connecticut or where he went to highs chool or college.
        anything about family?
        did he play any instruments or like music of any sort?
        I promise to stop after this

      • Thank you, Anthony!

        The John I knew loved music very much and was involved in the Carmel Bach Festival. He was interested in philosophy and psychology.

        Does that ring any bells? I’d love to know how he’s doing, too.

      • well golly it sounds like him but im not sure
        do you h ave any idea at all where I might look
        I think he had a compnay but the trail ends some years ago
        he did live in carmel yes
        call me tony

      • hi sorry to bother you again,
        can you think of any other leads for me on John?
        someone else who knew him or something about the one you knew —
        thanks tony
        as i say enjoy your photos

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