The Stig 2004-2012 RIP

WRX, June, 2008, originally uploaded by Maggie Osterberg.

My WRX committed suicide last night.

You were faster than fuck, you rattled like Johnny Carson’s lungs and nothing made me happier than seeing your speedo hit 130MPH on a paved county road. I miss you so much.

I hate the month of May. Dad died just short of a year ago and now my beloved car blows itself up. Turbo blew and took the cylinders and rods and camshafts with it, when it blew all the oil out the bottom, on fire, of my car.

9 thoughts on “The Stig 2004-2012 RIP

  1. Sorry to hear. At least you made it out alive to write about it. Great things about cars is that you can get another one. As far as your dad, im sure he is still with you. Chin up!

    Any mods done to your WRX? I just ordered the new STI 4 door. Hope to get it in the end of June.

    • My WRX is completely stock and had just shy of 69,000 miles on it. The fire was tiny- it was oil smoking as it came out of the turbocharger, so there was no real damage outside of the engine.

      It’d be the perfect project car for someone with an engine or maybe someone who wanted to do an engine rebuild, as the rest of the car was and still is, immaculate. I’d just polished the headlights last week and it looked pretty much exactly like it does in the photo here.

    • I reckon you’re right.

      And really, there’s no other way that The Black Stig could have gone out of this world, except going very fast and on fire. It’s how I’d like to go out, if I get the choice.

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