Real Film

After a run of faux film B&W, I figured I’d post a shot that was actually made on 35mm black and white film, in this case Illford’s HP-5, before it got turned into a preset in some software.

I probably developed it in D-76. It’s what dad had in our darkroom in the basement most of the time.

I haven’t seen Greg, Mark or Carl in years, though I did hear from Carl in a really nice letter about a year or so ago. I hope they’re all doing well.


2 thoughts on “Real Film

  1. That’s a really good photograph. The boys’ movement against the window reflecting trees and calm. Three active figures against three static windows. The lines of brick against their wild shirts.

    Plus the way their belts make a lift to the left, and how their expressions differentiate them.

    Glad I happened on your website tonight, Maggie, because that’s a remarkable picture.

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