Fujifilm X100

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Fujifilm X100, a set on Flickr.

Well, I’ve had this camera for just more than a week and I’m smitten with it. The brilliant optical viewfinder, combined with the stellar, Leica-like image quality has completely won me over.

It’s about the same size as my M2 or my Canonet GIII Q17 and it falls to hand as easily as either of those. I waited almost two years to get one, but it was worth the wait.


2 thoughts on “Fujifilm X100

  1. The X10 is a great little camera, but it’s still in that “small-sensor” ballpark, whereas the X100 is shooting straight at Leica territory, albeit with a fixed lens. The tonal transitions in the files from the X100 are easily the equal of my M8 and it whips it in high ISO performance.

    The X10 is pretty amazing, but its files definitely have that rougher, more 35mm film-looking texture and feel.

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