Mattebox for iPhone

Mattebox is a cool new-ish app for the iPhone, that takes its inspiration from the Konica Hexar AF:

“I modeled Mattebox after the legendary Konica Hexar, a luxury point and shoot which is powerful enough for the professional photographer, yet easy enough for the complete beginner. With amazing image quality, intelligent controls and a clear, beautiful viewfinder, it’s easy to see why the Hexar still has a fanatical following.

I borrowed the Hexar’s moving brightlines, which discreetly indicate the aspect ratio and focal distance. From the Mamiya 7, I took the superimposed shutter speeds. Next, I created a custom dual-stage shutter release button. This gives you consolidated focus and exposure lock. Most importantly, I took the indefinable feeling of using the Hexar, and made I sure Mattebox gave me that same feeling.”

After a few hours of playing with it, I think Ben has come pretty close to hitting the mark, and I suspect is even closer if you’ve got an iPhone 4s.

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