Scaredy Cat

Poor Jackson, he was absolutely terrified this afternoon. He wasn’t at all comfortable visiting the new house and was shaking and panting and crying out when I took this photo.

He calmed down a little after I put him back in the carrier, but this reminded me that he spent the first month or so of his life as a feral kitten and was found on top of his dead mother, crying for help. I guess he’s still that kitten, underneath all his El Chompo Gatto bravado.


3 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat

  1. Moved last month and my cat lost herself for five days. She found her way back but she lost weight and was rather traumatized by the experience. She quickly regained the weight, but she’s only recently gotten back her confidence. Kitties hate change. I trust Jackson will recover his mojo soon.

    • This was just a test run- the house isn’t finished yet, but Jackson was back to his old self once we got back to our current place. Maybe some familiar furniture will help when moving day comes for real.

      Hope you guys are well down there!!!

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