Escape From Freedonia

It was Winter when we made our way out of Freedonia. We walked past the guard towers, across the football pitch, carrying our shoes and a card table for cover. No one ever questions a man with a card table, let alone one bold enough to carry a card table and his shoes.

We knew only what we were walking away from; we had no idea, only hope, of what we were walking towards.

Yes, it is said that we got cold feet that day, but still we walked. Of course we did. Our feet were cold because it was Winter in the borderlands of Freedonia and we were carrying our shoes. Carrying our shoes to an uncertain but hopeful future.

4 thoughts on “Escape From Freedonia

  1. I quite like this image.

    Running shoes in snow – reminds me of the time I wore running shoes to hike to the top of Mt. Lassen. On the way back down, as we neared the lower limits of the snow cover, we were stopped by a ranger. He looked at my feet and said:

    “You need proper hiking boots. You can’t climb this with running shoes.”

    “I’m on my way back down from the top.”


    Funny how often we do things we don’t know can’t be done.

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