Pick A Winner

Housebound, January, 2010

Housebound, January, 2010, originally uploaded by Maggie Osterberg.

So, Leica is having a holiday card photo competition and I thought I’d enter a photo in it. You can enter only one. Oh, and it has to have been taken with a Leica camera. The winner gets a new LeicaD-Lux 5. Including the photo above, here’s links to some candidates for submission (feel free to point out one I may have missed):





I need to pick one and submit it to this Flickr group before October 31st. Can you folks help me pick which photo to submit?


11 thoughts on “Pick A Winner

  1. it’s hard to decide, non?

    what a company might like on their card? and the fact that it’s Leica makes it a zillion times harder…

    at least you have a vast amount to choose from — the last pic with the frozen berries is quite lovely!

  2. told you you’d go with your heart 😉

    good luck!

    after going through my stuff from nyc and a visit to ghent, i only had three real contenders and decided none would be chosen… ah well. hope yours is!

    • Well, when the sentimental favorite is the one with the best geometry, I reckon that’s where I needed to go. I also reckon you saw that days ago!

      Thanks for the help and the good wishes, Cam. I hope that your holidays are filled with happiness and lots of photographs waiting to be discovered!

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