Star-Crossed Lovers

Alas, their romance was doomed to failure; their passion ignited their mutual ends.

For some unknown reason, 2008 was a brilliant year. It just shines bright in my memories.

Spring of 2008 was the happiest time in my adult life so far. I savored every minute of it. I drove the Stig down country lanes at insane speeds; I played wild rock and roll guitar; I played volleyball with Bob, using left-over Alka-Seltzer packets and the rings from milk bottles; I walked all over South Lincon and took photos; I hung out at Deitze Music’s South store; I cooked and brought home amazing meals and watched amazing TV with my amazing cats! Happiness was so simple! I surrounded myself with creativity, love and a sense of adventure.

An equilibrium had been reached. It didn’t last.


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