Whole Grain Goodness

When I was just starting out as a photographer, I envied those old pros with their 8″x10″ view cameras and giant, grainless prints and did everything I could to rid my measly 35mm frames from the offense of visible grain, even going so far as to shoot Kodak’s ASA 25 Technical Pan film.

But you know what? After spending time with digital photography, 35mm grain is like an old friend or an old, thick-necked parlor guitar from the 1920’s that seemed impossible to play when I was eighteen but now sounds and feels like a little bit of heaven.

Things change. People change. Sometimes, the stuff stays the same, but thanks to time, it seems different. It seems better. Maybe it is.


3 thoughts on “Whole Grain Goodness

    • Jeff, I totally missed that post of yours! And it’s so true that for so many years grain was the enemy. Crazy, innit?

      Great minds, if I may flatter myself, DO think alike!

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