Self Portrait

Nightstand, originally uploaded by Maggie Osterberg.

You know, this photo probably says more about me than my “About Me” page does.

Boom- a thousand words!


6 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. I looked at the largest size of the photo but still can’t figure out if that’s a big pen at the right front, and what is the white thing in front of the Paris book that looks kind of like a model of a spaceship, and is that a dog figure next to that?

    I never have a tissue box and i really should…

  2. Slumbs, the items are, in order of questions: a sonic screwdriver; a model of the Narcissus, the escape craft of the USCSS 180286 Nostromo (from the original Alien picture); and a Zuni Coyote fetish.

  3. Alien is one of my favorite movies, I feel dumb for not seeing that! Thanks for telling me all the things. I had to look up Zuni fetish. 🙂

  4. Very nice. I’ve often thought that pictures that show the environment of a person tells more than a picture of their face, and this is a perfect example – I am always fascinated by what people are reading, etc. Glad that’s a pencil – I was afraid you were taking a Sharpie to the Cartier-Bresson book.

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