Heart And Soul

From the pen (keyboard, really) of the amazing young woman in today’s photo, comes a gem from the early days of USENET, where she wrote in alt.bad.clams as “Clamata Hari.”

“Oh, Your Shell Doth Brightly Gleam”
By Clamata Hari – 4/1/96

Oh, your shell doth brightly gleam
Beneath the shining pool,
I watch your gentle bubbles stream
Like tender baby drool.

Your monopod, a silvery grey,
Distinguished and well-formed,
Peeks out from o’er the sandy spray
Upon your shell adorned.

Beneath the beach, we snuggle close, Two clammy darlings dear,
Drifting up and down the coast,
As waves mark days and years.

Ah, Sunday’s Faffing.


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