Caught Out

Friends, may I ask a personal question? Of a photographic nature? Is that OK?

It’s about, well, chimping.

Sure, sure sure, I know, I know, “everybody does it!”

But if everybody jumped off a cliff*, would you do it , too?

Well, do you? Do you chimp?

Really, I have no problem with it and on the M8 it’s been a valuable tool, especially if a histogram is displayed. I don’t do it much, but that because I’ve been shooting film a bunch. Obviously, a camera like my Olympus XA, which took today’s photo, is chimp-proof, but that doesn’t stop other folks from trying.

When I took this shot with my M4-P, my sister immediately asked, “Can I see it?!?!?” I said, “Sure!” and flipped the camera around to show her the back. She was bummed out. Interestingly enough, when I got the film back, with drugstore prints, no one was interested in seeing the pictures, but I did get a request to “post that one to Facebook.”

Digital, it seems to me, has made a subtle, but fundamental, change in how we thing of “pictures.” They’re not artifacts anymore, they’re screen images and URLs. I think that’s good. More people have seen my work since it got put on the internet than probably saw it in the thirty years before.

So, chimping seems to be just part of that shift. Oh, and to be fair to Michael, he was just reviewing and editing his photos. Not chimping. Oh not, not him.

*Man, that Disney was even more evil than his mustache suggested!


8 thoughts on “Caught Out

  1. I confess, I chimp. Well, I chimp when I’m experimenting with things that film would cost a fortune to play around with. Normal shooting expeditions, not much chimping unless I’m making sure I got the shot(s) before I hike back up the gorge or whatever. ::shrugs:: it’s a tool.

  2. For me chimping depends upon what and how I’m shooting. When the lighting is difficult I review images to verify and adjust settings. When I’m working with a subject who has specific needs or ideas, I’ll make a set of images and review them with the subject to confirm it’s what they want before continuing with the sitting. Otherwise it’s like the lyrics from “The Gambler”.

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