Down, But Not Out

I visited Bob at the emergency vet this afternoon and he is doing well!
The vet says he’ll need to stay overnight and keep getting re-hydrated and that I’ll have to transfer him to our usual vet at 7:00AM tomorrow for at least another day of IV fluids and antibiotics, etc…

Scooter has noticed that Bob hasn’t been around for a while. She peed on my bed sometime in the last half hour or so, but hey, my bed is covered with old folks’ incontinence pads, so Scooter can pee all she wants. I’ve got a big-ass bag of “soak it up and toss it out.”

Guess I’d better get to bed, if I’m going to make that 7:00AM deadline to get Bob, huh?

Keep those good vibes coming! It is appreciated, surely.


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