The Laurel Canyon Collective

Opossum, August, 2008, originally uploaded by Maggie Osterberg.

From the All-Opossum Music Guide:

“In 1966 The Laurel Canyon Collective released an eponymous album, produced by Frank Zappa and Roger McGuinn. Its ahead-of-its-time sound and fruit-centered lyrics is said to have been a major influence on Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. The Laurel Canyon Collective, in fact, briefly threatened to sue Zappa for his song “Call Any Vegetable,” but the band was dissuaded by a basket of pears from the San Fernando Harry & David store.”

The Laurel Canyon Collective’s Website


6 thoughts on “The Laurel Canyon Collective

  1. ‎”There were no witnesses to the scuffle that provoked the break-up of the Collective, all that is known for sure is that the most reclusive member of the band, Vincent, emerged from the fracas with a missing ear. He subsequently disappeared from public life but was sometimes seen lurching around the neighborhood muttering to himself. The four front men split off to become the Canyon Crashers, whose signature sound of hissing, growling, and gagging never received the acclaim of their earlier works. The remaining four band members changed their name to the Laurel Leaves Commune and began teaching yoga and pouch-centered meditation.”

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