Speed of Life

The world is an odd place. Ying and Yang, good and bad, Beatles and Stones, all existing and fighting for space in your head and in your life simultaneously. I reckon that’s pretty much the natural state of things; there’s always differing, different things pulling at you all the time. But sometimes, those things and the differences between them can be pretty stark.

This last week was one of those times. Two surprises came to me from the Internet, both involving favorite writers, one of whom is a longtime online friendly acquaintance (internet friend to me = someone I’ve met in meatspace or corresponded privately with for some time; internet friendly acquaintance = someone I’ve posted with on a forum or listserv but have not met in meatspace, nor had an extended private correspondence) and both on Friday, the 13th of August.

The first surprise, the good one, was the one pretty much everyone who reads this blog already knows about, Mike Johnston featured me in a couple of posts on his blog, The Online Photographer.

The second surprise, the not-so-good, if not downright terrible, one, came when I read Mary Beth’s column in Salon. She’s been diagnosed with cancer. Yeah. Cancer. Melanoma.

…last week I went to the dermatologist. I figured I’d get some antibiotics and ointment. Instead, when she looked at my scalp, she gave a little involuntary sucking-in of air and said quietly, “That looks like cancer.”

That’s how your life changes, in four words.

Mary Beth had just described this summer as the “Best summer ever.”

Life. It’s full of it. Life, that is. And everything that comes with it.

Anyways, today’s photo is one that embeedub likes and I think it kind of fits, because it’s a little slice of several lives, neatly framed by a coffee bar’s windows.

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