I Must Be Dreaming

I Must Be Dreaming, August, 2010

Wow! Hello to all my new visitors, thanks for stopping by!

I keep waiting for the kick to come and wake me up from this cool dream where, well, you know. I’m out and about today, having just seen Inception in IMAX and now I’m waiting for a table at La Casa Pizzaria in Omaha. I hope I get to finish dinner before the kick….


2 thoughts on “I Must Be Dreaming

  1. I just saw it yesterday. Wow. I remember being kinda persuaded by Jungian analysis of dreams. But it never really rang true. Now, suddenly, I know what my dreams are all about. Except I just never know whose dream I’m in… and when.

  2. It seems that several of my friends and online acquaintances went and saw Inception yesterday! Seems we have some Synchronicity to go with your Jungian dream analysis!

    I’m curious to know more about how Jungian analysis lead you to know what your dreams are about. Would you be OK going into detail about it?

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