Be Afraid.

Lifeline, May, 2010, originally uploaded by Maggie Osterberg.

So, it’s come to this. The once mighty and monolithic Phone Company, that once “didn’t have to care, because we’re The Phone Company,” is reduced to the sort of sad and desperate fear-mongering usually reserved for politicians and term life insurance.

But then, the U.S.A. has pretty much succumbed to an all-pervasive paranoia and become The Culture of Fear. Don’t believe me? Ask your local photographer. It’s gotten so bad that even terrorists are tired of being mistaken for those of us who like to take a photo now and then.

Remember: Photography is Not a Crime

Do you have your papers in order?


3 thoughts on “Be Afraid.

  1. hahahhahah oh that’s hilarious…. my landline is my lifeline? really? how often did my landlines go down when my cable was still ok — think I’ll stick with skype and a cell phone, and let the dinosaurs turn to oil.

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