Collateral Damage

Scooter is very unhappy with the way my blog looks today. It used to look quite spiffy, as we were using the Cutline theme, which looked great, worked well and made us both very happy.

But then, WordPress and the designer of Cutline got into a pissing match over GPL, one that remains, AFAIK, unresolved.

Thanks to this bit of early 1990’s Silicon Valley/MIT politics/feud/pissing match, WordPress replaced, essentially without warning, Cutline from all the blogs using it and replaced it with the Coraline theme. (They must have picked that name because you’d need to have buttons for eyes to not be able to see that it is patently inferior to Cutline.) Oh, and in the process, they messed up everyone’s widgets and menus.

Scooter (and I) are very disappointed in you, WordPress.

8 thoughts on “Collateral Damage

    • Michael, I’m working on getting a self-hosted Cutline blog up at, myself. At least then I know that my blog won’t suddenly change due to someone else’s temper tantrum.

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