Oh yaaah.

Each Friday this and every August you will hear the exact same conversation in workplaces all over Minnesota, be they blue collar or white collar or no collar jobs, mostly men or mostly women or a mix of all. It goes exactly like this:

“So, whatcha doin’ this weekend, Carlson?”

“Oh, you know, Hanson, we’ll probably be goin’ up to The Lake.”

“Oh yaaaaah.”

“I’m reelly lookin’ forward to laying out on The Dock.”

“Oh yaaaah, that’s the best there.”

“I suppose we’ll take The Boat out a couple a’times and then maybe build a fire in the new firepit next to The Cabin and make some S’mores.”

“Oh, dat sounds like a pretty good deal there.”

“Oh yaaaah.”

“Hope it don’t rain.”

“Oh yaaaah.”

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