The Lost World

North Platte, Nebraska, the day before the NEBRASKAland Days parade, 1980; a busload of high school students, a marching band, to be precise, pulled into the motel where they’d be staying for the night, and their bus driver had an announcement for them.

“You all wait here for your director. I’m going to go get some stuff for myself. Don’t break anything.”

He put his Stetson back on, ambled down the stairs of the bus, and with bit of a spring in his step, crossed the parking lot of the Cedar Bowl Family Fun Center, on his way to the promised land of liquor, donuts and adult entertainment that was the corner of William St. and South Jeffers St. in William Frederick Cody’s official home town.

I raised my Canonet QL17 GIII to my eye and snapped that photo.

Us kids on the bus took note of where our cowboy driver was headed.

This might not be such a bad band trip after all.

2 thoughts on “The Lost World

  1. I love the story here. It’s flash non-fiction plus photography, and the form is very compelling. I want more… I’ll have to rifle through your archives.

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