Droplets On Black Velvet

by Leslie F. Bang

It hits you like a meteor shower, coming out of the black night a stirring you can sense but cannot feel, a shuddering of stardust and stone that streaks against the sky- Hurry!

Quick! You’ll miss it!

It’s gone!

Come again. A million tiny droplets shimmering spread across the black velvet sky that is slashed with crimson whiteness as another rock becomes a fiery wish brighter than starlight but lasting only as long as there is still rock to burn. Rock to burn you.

They take their name from a place where flesh becomes a fiscal fantasy of desire, liquor, glitter and lust. A symbol of modesty- a black band across breasts saying “I’m available but not within reach”. TÏTTÏE BäR says the stenciled letters on the guitarists’ amps. Shooting Stars says the glitter on their eyelids and the cold molten starlight of the sound that streaks starlight across this once dank, dark den that sits in the shadow of the abandoned San Francisco Navy Yard.

The singer is a Vintage Vixen, spun from silk and steel, liquid lines of black streaking out from her eyes as her torn cheongsam clings to contain the angry thrust of her curves as her voice and her guitar wail skyward. Off to her side, a satellite, -no- he’s no satellite but a planet in his own right, this digital man known only as TöE conquers his battered B.C. Rich guitar into a purple reign of Leonid feedback and jungle fuckessence. TöE and Siouxie Wrong are locked in a celestial dance that can only burn, never fade away. These are no shooting stars- these are the white light/white heat of a seminal supernova, starshine open wide!

The earth is moving. This is San Francisco, so that’s expected. What not expected is the tribassic bitch-slap across your booty and into your sternum that three bass guitars are capable of delivering -no- MUST deliver. Like a shooting star or an earthquake, this is nothing you can know, you can only surrender to its powerful anti-logic and accept the seismic starstuff that will transform your soul.

TB will possess you. Like a virus. Like a shooting star.

Make a wish.


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