The Raindrops of July

Now here’s something we usually don’t see a lot of in July: rain. Not so, this year. In June of this year, Lincoln recorded 9.90 inches of precipitation and so far July has seen 5.83 inches of the wet stuff. The norms for those two months? 3.51″ and 3.54″ respectively. All we need is one more good thunderstorm to double the usual amount of rain for this month. Odds are good that that’s exactly what will happen.

Independence Day was almost rained out this year, with Lincoln getting 1.71 inches of rain during the day. You’d have to go back to 1887 to find a wetter July 4th (though let’s face it; in a Lincoln without a/c or indoor plumbing, all that cool rain was probably a blessing). This year, it cleared out by sunset, making for a steamy, smoky fireworks-y night, but something seemed off, especially by about eleven at night when you could cut the air with a laser. I imagine that the air that night was something like a certain Halloween in Pittsburgh in 1948, albeit much more benign.

But, as they said in that oh so wet Summer of 1887:

“The climate of Nebraska is sturdy and invigorating. The very atmosphere in which we live and move is one that begets activity in all who breath it; and of its vitalizing and fructifying influence upon plant and animal life, let our flocks of cattle and sheep and our abundant harvest speak.”

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