So, is the M8 done for? The new M9 seems like everything I’d want in a digital camera. But you know, I’m really attached to my M8. And dang, the M9 is expensive. I’d have to give up my old pal. I reckon the M8 and I will have plenty of time together yet. It’s not going anywhere for a while.


4 thoughts on “Obsolete?

  1. So many thanks for passing by my blog Maggie.

    Yes, the M9 is expensive (so is the M8 for me), but there is no need to consider the camera obsolete. The M8 will probably only be obsolete for those who don’t own it. I for instance would love to have a M8 with a CV Ultron (the Elmarit being too expensive too), since it is the best I can probably afford.

    So get out and take more pictures with your lovely and fine camera.


  2. The M8 with a CV Ultron is a very, very very fine picture-making machine and I know you’d make some wonderful images with that rig, Wouter. Maybe Cam will get bitten by the M9 bug and sell you her M8 for a friendly price? I’d love to see what you’d do with one!!!

  3. Why hurry, once you own such machine,… you love what you have and do what is made for, … and if you take good care of it, … what is there apsolete.
    Love what you have and enjoy your photography with wonderful LEICA M8!
    Cheerz, Tomislav.

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