Greetings From East Berlin

Greetings From East Berlin, originally uploaded by Maggie Osterberg.

A fascinating city, a bit down on its heels, but nonetheless still vital and kicking. While I was there it kind of felt like a shithole- I’ve never been in a city that has more graffiti, but instead of feeling dangerous (like 1970’s NYC), it felt young and restless.

I’ve since discovered that it’s considered THE place to be if you’re a European artist. Cheap rent and a bit of the Tulip Fever are combining to Berlin a place where artist can both afford to live and have people lining up to buy their work.

Here ist Berlin (my photoset of Berlin images)

4 thoughts on “Greetings From East Berlin

  1. Well, it seemed like for every active construction site, there were two that were just kind of stopped or abandoned half way through.

    I think all the tagging I saw in the east added to that impression. (which may be incorrect- obviously something’s going down, what with the art scene, etc..)

  2. I think your pictures are fabulous. Please read what I say about Berlin and maybe our ideas of the city are not that far apart. You are right that there is a residual shabbiness and you still see some pretty grotty old things in the east. But I do get this powerful sense of a city in plain expansion, reinvention, exuberant self-expression. Berlin seems to be the most interesting city in Europe, at the moment. Eapecially the east side.

  3. First off, thank you!

    You’re correct that our views are quite similar- to my eye, the East looks a bit shabby and down-on-its-heels at first glance, but you realize that just under all those tags is a new and very vital city. It’s like early Springtime, when the chaff from last year is still on the ground, but green shoots are pushing it aside and bringing life back to fields.

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